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Among the chief philosophies making the BMP unique in the Kingdom of Bahrain is the project’s disposition towards openness, transparency, and engagement with its stakeholders and the wider society.

Stakeholder Engagement Goals include:

  1. Disclose the right information in timely manner to relevant stakeholders.
  2. Enhance the awareness of BMP’s importance.
  3. Create cooperation opportunities for communities and project’s owner.

Grievance Mechanism

While BMP team has taken every precaution to ensure that the project will have minimal impact upon society, it has also taken the needed precaution of activating a project-specific grievance mechanism for the public. Any individual who believes that they have been impacted by the project in any way, shape, or form, has the ability to register a grievance directly with the project team.

To register a grievance please click here.

Are there any job opportunities for me?

Bapco Modernization Programme (BMP) will create a number of job opportunities (technical and non-technical). Bapco will advertise these positions via Applicants may follow the official Bapco account on LinkedIn and Instagram to receive Bapco’s updates on recruitment campaigns and to review the opportunities on the career website on a regular basis.

Disclosure: Transparency is a critical aspect for corporations in modernity and modern society. As such, Bapco has chosen to publicly disclose a number of documentation pertaining to the BMP that may be of interest to the general public. Please see below the Social Documents related to the Bapco Modernization Programme (BMP).