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Environment & Social

The BMP is the most far-reaching and ambitious expansion project ever undertaken by Bapco and will transform the company and bring a wealth of benefits to the Bahraini economy. Once completed, this multi-billion dollar investment, involving 20,000+ contractors at peak construction, will see a 42% increase in refinery crude capacity.

Bapco recognizes its responsibility to the environment and society. Bapco has taken great strides to ensure that it undertakes the BMP in an environmentally responsible manner while guaranteeing appropriate community outreach.

The BMP’s facilities were designed in full compliance with Bahraini legislation and in-line with international guidance requirements, such as the World Bank’s Equator Principles and the IFC Environmental, Health, and Safety Guidelines for Petroleum Refining.

The units built for the BMP, and the decommissioning of several older units, will substantially reduce the company’s impacts on air quality. The increased efficiency of the units will also reduce treated wastewater discharged to the sea.

As the BMP will have a far-reaching influence on the Kingdom, Bapco has taken the initiative to communicate openly and transparently with the public. Several studies undertaken for the project, such as the BMP’s Environmental & Social Impact Assessment (ESIA), Cumulative Impact Assessment (CIM), and Social Impact Assessment (SIA), are openly available (see the Environment and Community pages for more info).

The company has placed several communication channels to allow direct communication between the public and the project team. You can find more details concerning this on the Community page.