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Oil & Gas Academy

Bapco’s Oil & Gas Academy, based in Awali, is a learning and development center that prepares employees and trainees to meet the future needs of Bahrain’s oil and gas industry. The Academy is accredited by the UK’s Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM) and City & Guilds.

The Oil and Gas Academy is the hub of Bapco’s learning and development activities, and delivers a wide range of technical and professional training to meet the future needs of the company. Established in 2017, the vision behind the Academy is to become the primary training facility in the Kingdom for the oil and gas industry.

Diploma Program (Apprenticeship)

Bapco’s apprenticeship programme which was first set up in the 1950s and 1960s has been revived. Trainees are enrolled in Bapco’s diploma programs for a duration of two to three years to help prepare them for their future roles as operators in the Refining Division or as technicians in the Maintenance Division. Apprenticeships are offered in Oil & Gas Operations, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Instrumentation & Control. During 2019, the first intake of 15 female trainees joined the programme.

Newly Recruited Bahraini Operators and Technicians

The Academy is training over a hundred newly recruited young Bahrainis for Refining and Maintenance Divisions and ensure their readiness for the BMP. Their development programme which lasts 12 to 18 months comprises familiarisation, unit schools and structured on-the-job training to ensuring the highest levels of skills acquisition and competence.

BMP Training and New Technologies

The Academy harnesses new technologies such as web-based learning, virtual reality, micro learning and 3D visualisation videos which engage the learner and enhances knowledge transfer.

As further evidence of Bapco’s commitment to utilising the latest technologies in the world, in December 2019 the LC- Fining Center of Excellence was opened. This training facility provides a realistic distraction-free training environment to master the state-of-the-art technology to be used in the Residue Hydrocracking Unit which will be the most complex Refinery unit post BMP. The Center of Excellence at the Oil & Gas Academy is the first in the world to offer dedicated LC-Fining technology simulator training and, in collaboration with CLG (Chevron Lummus Global), will focus on training operators from the GCC and worldwide in LC-Fining Technology.

Development Centre

In line with international best practice, the Development Centre at the Academy provides a service that works efficiently to produce meaningful data through a process that is transparent, reliable and fair. Assessments are used for the purposes of selection of recruitment candidates, Diploma trainees, Strategic/Development trainees and Scholarship candidates. and currently include COBRA (Console Operator Basic Requirement assessment), English, Aptitude, Personality and Information Technology.