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Chairman’s Message

Welcome to Bapco’s website.

Bapco, as a company, has played a significant role in the history of modern Bahrain. Its position as a transformative force cannot be underestimated since the company has singlehandedly impacted the social, cultural, economic and industrial landscape of Bahrain.

What was true for the company yesterday remains true for tomorrow as well.

Bapco launched the ambitious Bapco Modernization Programme (BMP) which is expected to have a far-reaching impact on the kingdom. It is not merely a programme to increase throughput, utilize technology and save energy but a revolutionary initiative that will recalibrate the way the company thinks and operates.

What is at the heart of this programme is the decision to align Bapco with the sustainability component of Bahrain’s Vision 2030. Hence, the focus will be to match productivity with efficiency and profitability with responsibility. Just as Bapco of the past transformed the character of Bahrain’s economy, BMP will enable Bapco to bring about a change that is environmentally friendly and benefit generations to come.

Bapco is also blessed with strong business fundamentals that guide its operations along with a dedicated and skilled workforce that provide the company with its strength and energy.

The oil and gas sector, of which Bapco is a pivotal player, has a profound duty in bolstering the strength and resilience of the energy industry. Whatever we do has a ripple effect across diverse industries and sectors. Thus, the steps we take must be well-measured and take into account national priorities and social impacts. Thankfully, the road map for the future has taken these two points into consideration and we are confident in the collective abilities of Bapco’s employees, strategic partners, and stakeholders to help the Company achieve its goals.