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The facilities and units that make up the Bapco Modernization Programme (BMP) have been designed from the outset to be in full compliance with Bahraini legislation, and in line with the international IFC requirements and Equator Principle guidelines. BMP will usher in a new era for Bapco and indeed the Kingdom of Bahrain. As such, it is our vision and mission to ensure that the facility is designed and constructed in a manner that is beneficial to the Kingdom of Bahrain for generations to come.

The strategic objectives:

  • Refinery Configuration and Gross Margin – A revised configuration shall allow for higher throughput, improve the product slate by converting more bottom-of-the-barrel into high value products, and increase gross margin with the objective to remain competitive under a wide range of prices and market scenarios.
  • Energy Efficiency – The BMP shall improve energy efficiency and lower the Energy Intensity Index (EII) of the Refinery by installing energy new efficient crude and process units.
  • Environmental Compliance – All new units shall function in compliance with applicable local environmental regulations as well as Lender Standards.
  • +50 - To ensure that the BMP is conducted in environmentally sound manner, Bapco has commission more than 50 Environmental & Social studies and management plans.
  • 100% - The BMP has been designed in a manner that ensures it is in compliance with all local environmental regulations and to be in line with applicable international guidance and Financial Lender’s standards.
  • 50% reduction in SO2 emissions
  • 5% reduction in NOx emissions
  • 9% reduction in treated wastewater discharge


Transparency is a critical aspect for corporations in modernity and modern society. As such, Bapco has chosen to publicly disclose a number of documentation pertaining to the BMP that may be of interest to the general public. Please see below the Environmental Documents related to the Bapco Modernization Programme (BMP).