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Job Details​​​​​​​​​​​​


Vehicle Technician

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Date Posted : 15/05/2016 Date Posted To : 28/05/2016
Job Code : S-16-021

Job Purpose

Performs maintenance and repair work based on established maintenance schedules on the company’s heavy duty vehicles, fuel tankers and equipment’s such as generators, attends to call-out to repair or retrieve broken down vehicles, prepare servicing documentation and maintains tools and equipment in good working order

Job Description

1. Perform planned and unplanned maintenance and repair activities for heavy-duty vehicles. Carryout a variety of routine mechanical and electrical maintenance duties on the company fuel tankers, heavy vehicles and equipment to maintain good condition of company vehicles.
2. Carryout repair work on the company fuel tankers, heavy vehicles and equipment’s that includes modification for all tanker’s electrical systems and other electronic devices, diagnosing faults, and initiating repairs/ replacement of electrical and mechanical parts to rectify any defects.
3. Conduct daily inspection of fuel tankers at marketing terminal, monthly inspection, 3 monthly inspection, yearly inspection & inspection for the company vehicles. Annual inspection of BDTL customer fuel tankers to ensure that the fuel tankers and tracks are in safe condition to carry petroleum products.
4. Ensure proper utilisation of workshop equipment and tools, follow proper procedures and ensure all equipment are safely stored upon completion of work
5. Prepare and maintain records related to repairs and servicing. Ensure accuracy and completeness of information entered.
6. Document work duties in shifts logs as required, detailing any instructions to be carried out during following shift and submit such to supervisor.
7. Attend to call out or accident cases to repair and /or retrieve broken down company heavy vehicles.
8. Maintain good housekeeping in work site as cleaning garage and work area, wash vehicles upon completion of maintenance/repair, drive heavy vehicles safely in the workshop to check the repair work performed, follow safety rules and regulations, etc

Job Requirement

o Tawjehiya (Technical) / Trade Certificate / National Diploma preferably in Automobile Engineering or equivalent.
o 5 years’ experience in the electrical and/or mechanical maintenance and repair of heavy automotive vehicles.
o Fair knowledge of spoken and written English. Must be able to complete and maintain repair/maintenance logs and other routine documents.
o Ability to work effectively and cooperatively with a diver’s team of co-workers,
o Work on-call, shifts, weekends, holidays, and overtime to support terminal operations, and respond to emergency situations when they arise.

Date Posted : 15/05/2016 Date Posted To : 28/05/2016
Job Code : S-16-021