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Job Details​​​​​​​​​​​​


Petroleum Geologist

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Date Posted : 08/05/2016 Date Posted To : 22/05/2016
Job Code : S-16-019

Job Purpose

A petroleum geologist is primarily concerned with determining the locations and volumes of hydrocarbons in onshore and offshore areas. This job requires a geologist with a good understanding of the regional geology, geological history, basin and tectonic development, petroleum systems and oil generation, migration and storage. The petroleum geologists will utilize the various available data and tools to develop this information including geoscientific data and geochemical analysis.

Job Description

- Conduct detailed geological studies and basin modeling studies on regional, field & reservoirs scale.
- Conduct petroleum system analysis including investigation for possible sources, oil generation and migration and trapping mechanisms.
- Evaluate and investigate different possible play concepts.
- Map, analyze and evaluate lead and generate drillable prospects.
- Study and analyze geological risk associated with presented leads and prospects.
- Study, model and estimate volumes of reserves using different techniques and methodologies.
- Coordinate with petroleum and drilling engineers for optimum exploration and/or development drilling, testing and production programs.
- Monitor on-site drilling activities including analyzing cuttings, determining casing, logging and coring points.
- Describe and preserve cores at well site and work with consultants and service providers to carry special core analysis and rock evaluations studies tailored for different projects.
- Carry-out post drilling analysis & reassess the prospects with the revised results and new data.
- Work in multidisciplinary teams to develop static and dynamic models for characterization, development and optimization of reservoir production.
- Conduct fault and fracture analysis of different reservoirs to complement various geological and geophysical models.
- Assist in maintaining and developing geoscientific database with data, reports and models.
- Support in conducting various geophysical surveys.
- Carry all tasks and operations in a safe manner according to the company’s safety rules and regulation.

Job Requirement

o A minimum Bachelor Degree in Geology or equivalent required.
o A Bahraini National.
o Medically and legally capable on working for long periods (days to months) on onshore well-sites and offshore platforms including night shifts.
o Good knowledge of different geostatistical methods preferred.
o Knowledge and experience of industry platforms (Petrel, Techlog, etc…) preferred.
o Competent computing skills including good working knowledge of Microsoft Office Platforms.
o Good communication and presentation skills required.
o Minimum Professional Working Proficiency in English language required.

Date Posted : 08/05/2016 Date Posted To : 22/05/2016
Job Code : S-16-019