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Oil is expected to remain the single largest source of energy up until 2040, with a growth of about 25% and a significant shift in the global energy mix is expected to happen in 2025 when gas becomes the second largest source, displacing coal. Growth in gas demand is predicted to be up by 65% in 2040. The mix will consist of 80% fossil fuels, with the remaining comprising of clean energy sources.

Furthermore, Bapco continues to monitor the energy outlook which shows the world moving towards less carbon-intensive fuel and eventually renewable or clean energy sources.
In accordance with this policy, Bapco has initiated the “Energy Champions 100-day Energy Blitz” campaign, which aims to save money by saving energy in company operations. It promotes the most energy-efficient techniques and calculates these savings in USD over 100 days. In 2012, the campaign’s savings amounted to US$ 689,000.
Bapco has also commissioned two new 14-MW high-efficiency steam turbo generators (STG) in replacing the five 40-year-old generators. It has entered into a renewable 15-year Carbon Dioxide Recovery technical and commercial agreement with Yateem Oxygen Limited, which allows for the use of recovered carbon dioxide in industrial applications, thereby reducing the carbon footprint.
Bapco has recently started harnessing solar energy through another clean energy project in collaboration with the National Oil and Gas Authority (NOGA), the Electrical and Water Authority (EWA), and the University of Bahrain which involves 21,000 solar panels and is currently being carried out by a US firm, Petra Solar.​

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