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 Learning Function

Bapco’s Learning Function develops and facilitates the provision of learning and development solutions for its employees, including provision of leadership, staff, personal development and communications solutions, together with ensuring that all operations and maintenance staff are provided with the necessary technical skills to ensure safe and efficient plant operations.
Another section of Bapco’s Human Resources Department is the Training Operations & Administration function which aims to serve the interests of the Bahraini community via Bapco’s many Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives. These include the “Children of Bapco Employees Programme” in which the company aids its employees with the tuition fees of their children for higher studies. Many employees have benefitted from this programme with priority given to those who have not previously been selected and those who have served longer terms. The less fortunate, retired and deceased employees are also taken into consideration and given opportunities to enjoy this feature of Bapco.
The “Graduate Scholarship Programme” helps local high school graduates develop their knowledge. Because the company requires an ongoing supply of skilled, motivated and productive human resources to support its strategic business direction, the regular provision of scholarships plays an integral part by ensuring that appropriate talent is available at the right time to support the company’s operational requirements. Based on senior high school students’ grades, Bapco offers these graduates a rare opportunity to study locally and abroad, paving the way for a bright future ahead of them.
Another of the company’s CSR initiatives is the “Private Study Scheme” which encourages employees towards professional growth. Employees are encouraged to pursue degrees and qualifications up to the Doctorate level; they are assisted financially with respect to the relativity of their field of study and are given special consideration since they decide to undertake study in their own time. The Scheme opens up new career possibilities for employee merit increase, distinction and advancement on the organisational level - it is also one of the main direct functions of the department as it directly relates to employee development.
Each year, Bapco is approached by high schools and higher education establishments in Bahrain to provide Bahraini students with industrial training as an integral part of their academic programmes. All industrial training carried out is relevant to students’ study programmes, and includes both, on-the-job training for technical high school students and office-based training for university students pursuing degrees relevant to the company’s operations, such as Engineering or Business, allowing for an authentic feel of professionalism. Industrial trainees are also educated about Bapco’s history, operations and role in the kingdom’s economy.​

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