Security Department Hosts Tag Team Presentation
8/19/2018 8:00:00 AM

​Bapco's Security Department recently hosted a presentation made by the Tag Team for Security Services. The event was held at the Bapco Club in Awali, in the presence of Deputy Chief Executive Mr. Ebrahim Abdullah Talib, as well as members of the Executive Management and a large number of Bapco's managers and superintendents. At the outset of the event, Manager Security Department Mr. Adel Al-Gaoud gave a brief speech in which he welcomed the Tag Team delegation and thanked them for sharing with Bapco their valuable knowledge in security fields. He also welcomed the valued guests of the official agencies and industrial companies who attended the event. Mr. Al-Gaoud underlined the ongoing efforts and initiatives made by Bapco for developing and enhancing its security services to cope with the latest international trends and technologies in fields of security. Later, officials of the Tag Team for Security Services gave a brief presentation on the latest technologies and applications in security fields. Upon the conclusion of the event, Bapco thanked the Tag Team delegation for giving the presentation and the valued guests for attending the event, and expressed its pride in dealing with one of the most advanced security companies all over the world. The event reflects Bapco's ongoing efforts aimed at further promoting its security services in compliance with the latest trends and technologies applicable in leading companies and establishments worldwide.