BMP Stakeholder Engagement Meeting
7/13/2019 12:00:00 AM

Bapco organized a Stakeholder Engagement Meeting (SEM) on the Bapco Modernization Program (BMP) on Monday 15 July 2019 at the Gulf Convention Center, the Gulf Hotel. The event was held under the patronage of Dr. Pete Bartlett, Chief Executive of Bapco, and included senior officials of the oil and gas sector and key stakeholders of the project. The objective of the event was to introduce the project, and shed light on its key importance, and facilitate the on-going engagement with key stakeholders to further develop and facilitate financial, institutional, and social acceptance of the project.


Dr. Bartlett gave a presentation explaining the importance of this strategic project in supporting the sustainable development endeavours in the Kingdom and its contribution to the aspirations of Bahrain's Economic Vision 2030.



Dr. Bartlett referred to the various studies carried out to achieve this project in terms of Environmental & Social Impact Assessment (ESIA). He reviewed the project criteria, guidelines, legislation and environmental requirements, and the best international practices in the industry which are being applied to the project. He also discussed the participation of many community institutions in the project, as well as the many meetings that were organized with various institutions, charities and youth organizations and other non-profit organizations to inform them about this national strategic project, as part of the Stakeholder Engagement Plan (SEP). Dr. Bartlett commented that, "Our goal is to have a healthy two-way dialogue, and to demonstrate to all stakeholders that we have undertaken a comprehensive Environmental and Social Impact Assessment for the BMP." 


The first day of the event was devoted to government ministries, industry partners and other invited stakeholders. Day two, on Tuesday 16 July, is for the general public and the exhibition will be open from 0830 to 1800, during which Bapco subject matter experts will be available to explain the various scope and ESIA aspects of BMP.

The BMP clearly reflects Bapco's commitment to implementing the directives of His Excellency Shaikh Mohammed bin Khalifa bin Ahmed Al Khalifa, the Minister of Oil, which aim at fostering the national growth and establishing major projects which serve the industrial sector and contribute to developing the infrastructure of the oil industry, towards achieving the vision of the wise leadership of the Kingdom of Bahrain.