Bapco Motorsports Team Continues in Drag Race
1/2/2019 12:00:00 AM

The Bapco Motorsports Team continued its lead at the drag races held recently at the Bahrain International Circuit BIC. Hani Hussain of Bapco's Motorsports Team, from the Maintenance Division successfully managed to achieve an excellent record in drag races - Promode Category, the largest and most famous category of the drag races. Hani masterfully snatched the first position at Round II, far exceeding the champion of Round I, and other opponents of this category from Bahrain and Kuwait. Hani Hussain has joined this race for the second consecutive year. He won the second position of Round I with his new car. Bapco's Motorsports Team won the championship title of 2017/2018 in 4-6 cylinder, and other championships in Super Street and 8.5 Index and Promode. Islander editorial team expresses good wishes and congratulations to the Bapco Motorsports Team for the remarkable achievements made by the team members and wishes them continued success in the coming championships.