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 A Good Idea

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Bapco Suggestion Scheme “A Good Idea”
The Employee Suggestion Scheme “A Good Idea” was launched in January 1996, the aim of the A Good Idea Scheme is to encourage employees to have a real sense of involvement in the success of the business by being creative and putting forward ideas to improve Company performance.
The A Good Idea AGI is widely opened for employees where they can submit ideas not only related to their own jobs but in other departments, successful Idea Originators will not only have their contributions recognized, but will also receive individual awards.
Implementation of employees' ideas will ultimately result in better bottom-line performance through:
The realization of identified benefits, and
Improved motivation and commitment of the work force.
Also, a more participative working environment will be fostered by the Scheme's additional channel of communications between employees and management.
For ideas to be accepted for consideration, there are two main criteria:
  • All ideas must bring benefit to the Company
  • Ideas regarding other departments must be related to work done by the employee or his department, unless the suggestor is knowledgeable and familiar with the activity to suggest improvement.
Ideas should achieve one or more of the following benefits:
  • reduce costs
  • cut out waste
  • save time
  • improve performance and productivity
  • improve health, safety and environment
  • improve the quality of a product or service
  • enhance working conditions
  • enhance company revenue
Ideas submitted should be practical, cost-effective and well thought out.
Our aim is to maintain the established environment and culture that encourages and releases our creative and imaginative talents.​​

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